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Dec 21, 2013 · IcoFx - There is just no better icon editor for Windows out there. Any input, any output, it's super modern and just works. It does cost money, though. Greenfish Icon Editor - This is a great open source Icon editor with a small portable version! Most of the mocking frameworks in Java, including Mockito, cannot mock static methods or final classes. If we come across a situation where we need to test these components, we won’t be able to unless we re-factor the code and make them testable. For example: Making private methods packaged or protected Avoiding static methods There are three ways to specify parameters: (1) Full form; (2) Compact form; and (3) A combo of (1) and (2). Specifying no parameters will use all the default values. The parameter list is in a fixed order of inputs from left to right i.e. each parameter/input has a fixed location in the list.